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Simple, and easy, no-hassle loyalty programme based on the credit cards that your clients already carry around! Easy to setup, easy to on-board, easy to configure, and easy for your clients! That's the idea behind New Loyalty. Fully integrated with major payment solutions, with the major POS'es and payment gateways New Loyalty lets you benefit from a full scale loyalty program with almost no setup - so you quickly can start deserving your clients' loyalty.
The core of the New Loyalty Platform is the central membership database which connects the various loyalty concepts with a high performing engine which handles member profiles, demographic data, points and vouchers. The engine also drives the communications layer which offers an easy way of keeping all you members up to date with the latest offerings and status on obtained vouchers and redeemed points. The central engine is the also the nexus that connects your offerings with relevant technical providers such as POS-systems, payment gateways, and the like so you and your members do not have to worry about point collection and status. The central engine is web based and include a feture rich API so it can be used either "as-is" or be seemlessly integrated into your existing platforms...
So far we offer the following four concepts - all of which are based on the same engine - which reduces technical complexity and lower costs due to scale...
The idea behind the Loyalty Shop Concept is that a collection of shops eg. a shopping mall can offer their clients to collect points based on their purchases in the mall. Points can then be redeemed in an online shop with a product portfolio that the mall decides. This makes it easy for a group of shops to offer their own and highly customisable loyalty solution totally in their own control.
Brand loyalty at its finest. Earn points and offers by bying the same brand anywhere! New Loyalty's engine can record purchases of specific brands og products from many retailers and let you earn your customer's loyalty automatically - and reward them accordingly. No need to distribute physical codes or vouchers or to print unique QR-tags. Just let your clients pay with their registered credit card and their purchases are recorded in the New Loyalty platform.
Shops in the same district/municipality/region can share a loyalty programme. Let the Shopping Centre or main street be the nexus of good offers and sharing points and/or vouchers. Reward customers who shop locally - and the best of it? It is all automatic handled after the members have signed up their credit cards. No extra plastic cards that always is forgotten at hoem required.
MICRO DONATION Donate a small amount to the cause you care for every time you use your credit card. A simple yet effective way to cerate loyalty for your cause. Easy sign-up and easy verfication. Suggest eadditional donatisons and provide send your thanks directly back to the donator.